UITP MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition

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  • United Arab Emirates



Customers are at the heart of successful public transport systems. How does public transport and shared mobility respond to changing customer behavior and expectations, digitalization, emergence of new technologies and services, heightened environmental awareness, pressures on urban infrastructure, and continued budget constraints? Attaining customer satisfaction and happiness is to truly engage them and to embrace an innovative and integrated approach to enhance CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.


The theme of 2018 MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition "Pioneering for CUSTOMER Happiness" focuses on this paradigm shift and will tackle several key areas:


  • Emerging and future public transport (such as autonomous buses, Hyperloop, etc.)
  • Mobility as a Service/ sharing economy/ shared mobility (carsharing, bikesharing, ridesourcing/ ride-hailing, etc.) and its role in complementing public transport
  • High-tech, demand-responsive services (vans and buses with on-demand scheduling and flexible routing)
  • Role of smart apps in mobility integration (integration and use of traveller information systems, payment systems, fleet management systems, trip planning, trip reservation, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)
  • Readiness of cities to keep up with technological advances/ innovations in mobility (in terms of regulations, specifications, information systems, data governance, infrastructure, etc.) and guarantee sustainability (including future accelerators).


Youth in MENA not only make up a significant segment of the population, they are your future public transport customers -but only if you engage them! From branding and identity to smart features, how do we attract young customers?

  • Youth and gender mobility (engagement and market analysis, special services and apps, flexible public transport services, etc.)
  • Targeted marketing and branding (youth, high-income, elderly, gender) to attract new customers
  • School bus transport (safety, uniform regulations, efficient operations, etc.)


Combating traffic congestion, air pollution, and highway noise are some ways in which public transport improves quality of life. Public transport contributes to a healthy life style.

  • Role of non-motorised transport (soft mobility) in complementing public transport and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Land-use and urban design (e.g. Transit-Oriented Development) to promote sustainable mobility
  • Climate change and the future of public transportation: easing the transition to clean and efficient energy
  • Measuring experience/satisfaction with public transportation/mobility Increasing satisfaction/happiness of public transport users through improving customer experience


Budget constraints, downsizing, and public scrutiny are best met with a lean public transport machine. From planning to operations to maintenance, today we have opportunities to harness the power of technology and data to provide exemplary services with less resources.

  • Innovation and best practices in optimizing public transport (planning, operations, asset management, cost reduction, use of Big Data and Open Data, real-time data collection, digitalization, etc.)
  • Innovative methods to finance public transportation (new PPP models, station naming rights, etc.)
  • Balancing public transport subsidies and quality of service
  • Reintroducing paratransit in the MENA Region to enhance service and optimize operations