UITP contributing towards capacity building for Sustainable Public Transport Development in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had private automobile as the dominant mode of urban transport since long and this has led to congestion, pollution, road accidents and loss of productive time. During the last few years, the national government announced mega projects to develop integrated and modern public transport systems in major cities. Currently there are several Transit oriented development projects in public transport sector underway in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah and Dammam.

UITP has been collaborating with Public Transport Authority (PTA) to support them with their aim to regulate public transport services, provide a good level of service at an appropriate cost and encourage investment in the system in line with the objectives of economic and social development in the Kingdom. PTA hosted a Public Transport development program organized by UITP which consists of three modules: Public Transport Fundamentals, Taxi Transport Fundamentals and Urban Bus Transport Fundamentals.  Participants from around the kingdom have been invited by PTA to Riyadh in order to benefit from the knowledge and experience shared by UITP experts. 

We have also partnered with our member Madinah development Authority to support them in planning and implementation of sustainable urban development, and enriching the city with specialized projects to facilitate the pilgrim to religious places in the city, and provides an efficient infrastructure, services and facilities to the citizens. In extension to the training programmes organized in 2016, UITP has organized three modules for the key decision makers and Strategic Directors to benefits and learn from regional and international experiences shared by our experts.

The growth of public transport sector requires investment in human resources, capacity building and competence development. Visit our website to know more about our training portfolio.