Covid-19 Impacts on Public Transport - Dubai

  • Reduced operations: 26 April - present
  • Service suspension:
    • All PT: 26-29 March
    • Metro: 5 April – 25 April
    • Tram: 5 April – 12 May
    • Waterborne, car & bike-sharing: 26 March -12 May
  • Reduced operating hours (now): 7AM - 12AM
  • Precautionary measures:
    • Social distancing and passenger caps enforced: 138 passengers max. per metro and tram: 72 per tram trains
    • Taxi: passenger limit: 2 max. in rear seats only

Dubai Police uses Smart Helmet to combat Covid 19

Using advanced technology and applying best practices to combat Covid-19 outbreaks.  Transport Security Department in Dubai can now screen out potential coronavirus carriers with the help of smart helmets that can quickly measure body temperature in crowds. The cameras attached to the helmets with feature of infrared thermal imaging enables wearers to measure temperature with an efficiency of 200 people/min. in addition to that, it includes other Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as face recognition, QR Codes scanning  and car number reading technology.



The Transport Security Department participates in the car free day in Dubai

The Transport Security Department has participated in the 9th  "Car Free Day"  initiative, by encouraging  staff to use public transport and practicing the use of eco-friendly vehicles which reduce the level of Co2 and thermal emission. The participation in environmental awareness initiatives comes in cohesion with a target set by the government aiming to make Dubai the leading city in carbon emission reduction.

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