Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Public Transport

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  • Broaden your knowledge and perspective on Intelligent Transport System (ITS)  in public transport by learning and sharing experience with professional leaders
  • Learn how to make Public Transport modes more efficient with Intelligent Transport Systems applications
  • Understand the impact of new technology and software
  • Learn from best practice from all round the world : showcases from local operators, authorities and the industry
  • Learn about Intelligent Transport Systems impact on the public transport industry
  • Understand, discuss the concept of Intelligent Transport Systems and learn from latest practice, failures and successes

Target Audience

  • Public Transport Managers/ Engineers in Operation, Strategy, Planning, Maintenance and IT departments
  • Decision Makers in  Transport Authorities and Operators
  • Staff from Strategic Management
  • Project Managers
  • ITS companies’ employees with particular interest in Public Transport Market
  • Staff from public transport operators or authorities responsible for the planning, implementation & running of ITS related services
  • The course is suitable for participants from companies worldwide.


  • Get inspired by our trainers, understand the main aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems from successful best practice
  • Participate to interactive plenary sessions with introduction by course leaders, presentation by the trainer and open discussion with participants
  • Challenge your practical knowledge in this professional field and the technology
  • Address the topic from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views
  • Participate to workshops allowing you to apply on a concrete case the main principles and tools learned
  • Benefit from a unique exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals

Inspiring Trainers

Our skillful trainers are composed of international experts and professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the strategic, operational and technological areas of Intelligent Transport Systems in public transport



Mr Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation and Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong
Mr Ahmed Hafez, Regional Director, Via MENA
Emre Kiran, Training Manager 



DAY 1 

09.00  Welcome & introduction

  • Programme introduction
  • Ice-Breaking and Expectation Analysis

09.30  Session 1: Introduction – Intelligent Mobility and Smart City (60 min)

  • Smart city different concepts & characteristics
  • Digital technology and urban transformation
  • Identify and apply a systematic, strategic planning approach for developing implementation design of Smart Cities

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Session 2: New Innovative Mobility Services (90 min)

  • Sharing Economy and Shared Mobility
  • App-Based on Demand Mobility
  • Car-Sharing, Car-Pooling, Bike-Sharing, Taxis
  • Integration of Combined Mobility with Public Transport
  • MaaS-Mobility as A Service
  • Autonomous Mobility           

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Session 3: Intelligent Transportation Systems (90 min)

  • ITS components and Technologies
  • ITS Service components and Architecture
  • Role of ITS in Urban Mobility     
  • ITS Solutions for Public Transport

15.00 Coffee break

15.15  Session 4: Intro to group exercise

16:00  End of the day

DAY 2 

09.00 Session 5: Advanced Public Transportation Technologies (90 min)

  • Advanced Communications Systems (ACS)
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems
  • In-Vehicle Diagnostic Systems
  • Transit Operations Software
  • Fixed-Route Bus CAD Systems
  • Paratransit CAD Systems
  • Automatic Passenger Counter Systems
  • Electronic Payment Systems

10.30 Coffee break

11.00  Session 6: Industry Presentation (E.g. E-Payment Systems Trapeze-Init or Operations Control and Real-time Passenger Information)

12.00  Lunch

13.00  Session 7: Group Work for Smart Mobility (90 min)

15.00  Coffee break

15:15  Session 8: Case Study Presentation by RTA (60 min)

16:15  End of the day

DAY 3            

09.00 Session 9: Public Transportation and Artificial Intelligence Overview (90 min) 

  • Different definitions of AI
  • Types of AI
  • AI in daily life
  • Why is AI relevant to public transport?
  • AI in other Sectors
  • AI applications in PT

10.30 Coffee break           

11.00 Session 9A: Autonomous Mobility (60 min) 

          Session 9B: Autonomous Mobility Integration to Public Transport Case Study (Via) (45 min)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Wrap Up & Certification

15.30 End of the Training



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To register online or contact us: - Tel: +971 544113471

Participation fees include:

  • Training instruction
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • All training documents: Binder including all presentations and supporting documents; Access to all training material via UITP's electronic library Mobi+ (after the training)

Groups generally consist of 25 participants and are limited to about 30 in order to increase the learning experience and interaction during the programme. Places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Practical information: 

Venue: RTA Training Centre, 15th Floor Mariana Plaza, next to Dubai Marina Mall.


Mr Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation and Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong
Mr Ahmed Hafez, Regional Director, Via MENA
Emre Kiran, Training Manager