First Electric Bus Operates in Alexandria

For the first time in Egypt, the Public Transport Authority of Alexandria has launched the first electric bus to join the coastal city's public transport fleet, as a first step to replace the current vehicles with others powered with clean energy.

The bus, which was manufactured in China, kicked off its journey on the Corniche road, on the Mediterranean coast, from the park district (east) to the Ras Al-Tin area (west). 

The new bus is set to work on this route for three months, before the Chinese company that designed it provides the city with 14 other buses, according to Khalid Elewa, head of the Public Transport Authority in Alexandria. 

The price of the ticket is 10 pounds, and the bus, which cost over $220,000, is eco-friendly and doesn't produce any noise or emissions like the fuel-powered vehicles, Elewa told Asharq Al-Awsat. 

The bus, which can accommodate up to 90 passengers, is equipped with seats for disabled people, internet access, GPS and air conditioning, and move in a maximum speed of 80 km/h. It is equipped with batteries that serve for three to four hours per charge allowing the vehicle to travel for a distance of 250 km.

The head of the Public Transport Authority in Alexandria said in a press statement that "the bus has a well-trained operating crew along with specialized workers for shipping and maintenance." 

The new bus has a three-year warranty, and under the contract, the Chinese company will provide the parts required for maintenance and repair programs within 10 years." 

Elewa pointed out that if the bus trial goes well, the Public Transport Authority plans to import the remaining buses and set up solar power stations for charging them.

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