The MENA Executive Board:

The MENA Executive Committee is composed of nominated representatives of  members of UITP from the region with 1 representative per region or sector as  and the Secretary General of UITP or his/her representative. All members of the MENA steering committee, apart of the UITP Secretary General are considered as the Vice-Chairpersons of the MENA Division.


  • To manage strategically all matters concerning the MENA Division, including defining and approving all administrative and financial matters related to the Division.
  • To propose the MENA Business Plan of the MENA Division to the UITP Policy Board and final financial approval by the UITP Executive Board.
  • To organize and supervise the reporting of the results of the MENA Business Plan for the benefit of all UITP members.
  • To promote public transport in the MENA region and the global relevance of UITP.

Following is the UITP MENA Executive Board 2019.