• Service suspension: 12 March – 12 July (expected)

As of 12 March, Kuwait has halted all public transport. The following weeks witnessed a gradual suspension and closure of services and sectors including taxi services on 26 March until the Kuwaiti Government decided to start a full lockdown on 10 May.

The ongoing complete halt of public transport operations has resulted in up to USD100 million direct losses on Kuwait’s bus operator, Mowasalat KGL, which operates about 900 buses a day and is responsible for 12,000 taxis and 2,500 school buses.

A return to normal plan sets out a gradual shortening of the partial curfew until 12 July. Meanwhile, public and private sector offices are to reopen with a maximum 30% occupancy as of 21 June, reaching 50% starting 12 July and eventually reaching normal occupancy as of 2 August. By which point, public transport operations are also to resume operations respecting physical distancing guidelines with an expected maximum occupancy of 40% along with implementing all necessary precautionary sanitary measures.