Buses used for bread delivery during total lockdown in Amman, Jordan ©Reuters / Muhammed Hamed
  • Service suspension: 17 March – 26 April
  • Reduced operations: 26 April – present
  • Precautionary measures:
    • Social distancing and passenger caps enforced
    • Masks and gloves mandatory
    • Vehicles fitted with dividers to separate drivers from passengers
  • Fleet utilization for relief: Buses used for bread delivery during lockdown


Following Government directives, public transport has resumed operations in Jordan as of April 26 after more than a month of suspension due to longer periods of total lockdowns and tight curfews. During that time, public transport buses have been utilized by the government to deliver bread to citizens in Amman.

After exiting total lockdown and shortening curfew hours, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) advised a gradual increase in passenger capacity, reaching 75% in late June with keeping precautionary measures, such as wearing gloves and masks, in place.

Due to the economic impact of service suspension and severe drop in ridership, the Jordanian authorities have provided transport sector companies with discounts on their annual and loan deferments, as well as partial salary protection programs for workers.