Covid-19 Impacts on Public Transport - Dubai

unified social distancing stickers on Pubic Transport buses in Dubai -C RTA
  • Reduced operations: 26 April - present
  • Service suspension:
    • All PT: 26-29 March
    • Metro: 5 April – 25 April
    • Tram: 5 April – 12 May
    • Waterborne, car & bike-sharing: 26 March -12 May
  • Reduced operating hours (now): 7AM - 12AM
  • Precautionary measures:
    • Social distancing and passenger caps enforced: 138 passengers max. per metro and tram: 72 per tram trains
    • Taxi: passenger limit: 2 max. in rear seats only
    • All Dubai taxis fitted with dividers to separate drivers from passengers
    • During metro and tram suspension: Necessary trips could be made by bus (free service) or taxi (50% off)
  • Fleet utilization for emergency services:
    • 15 buses and 40 taxis dedicated for patient transport in April

For the most part, public transport services have been running since the outbreak started, however, residents were urged to not make trips and use public transport unless necessary, and to plan these necessary journeys ahead, so as to avoid peak hours. Passengers were also advised to head to the stations 30 minutes earlier to prevent crowding at the stations during peak hours. On-demand taxi services remain available during the curfew hours.

With the gradual return of public and private sector employees, public transport service frequencies have steadily increased since May 26.