Covid-19 Impacts on Public Transport - Abu Dhabi

  • Reduced operations: 26 April - present
  • Service suspension: 26 - 29 March
  • Reduced operating hours (now): 7AM - 12AM
  • Precautionary measures:
    • Social distancing and passenger caps enforced
    • Mandatory face masks
    • Taxi: passenger limit: 2 max. in rear seats only
    • All Abu Dhabi taxis fitted with dividers to separate drivers from passengers
    • Taxi payment app developed to avoid cash and car payment            


The Abu Dhabi authorities have advised to extend travel restrictions to date. Residents and visitors are not allowed to enter or leave the emirate (Exceptions only for special permits). Nonetheless, public transport operations continue in alignment with the national curfew, which now has been shortened to start from 11pm – 6am.

In light of the virus outbreak, additional buses have been deployed in several routes during peak hours to avoid overcrowding and enforce social distancing measures. Adjacent seats have also been blocked by belts or red tape to prevent passengers from sitting next to each other.

In April, Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Center launched a free on-demand bus service specifically for healthcare professionals for use in the curfew hours. The deployment was a successful initiative which led to the increase in vehicle supply to reach 20 buses.