Mission of the MENA Division:

The MENA Division of UITP aims to promote public transport throughout the MENA region, to provide opportunities for UITP members in the MENA region to share experience and information, and to study issues related to their specific needs, to reinforce the voice and involvement of the MENA on the development of public transport on a world-wide level and for the benefit of the international membership of UITP.

The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region covers an extensive area extending from Morocco in northwest Africa to Iran in southwest Asia. MENA is an economically diverse region that encompasses both oil-rich economies in the Gulf and countries that are resource-scarce in relation to population, such as Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Yemen.  The region's economic fortunes over much of the past quarter century have been heavily influenced by two factors - the price of oil and the legacy of economic policies and structures that had emphasised a leading role for the state. MENA is generally divided into four distinct territories or sub-regions; The Arab Middle East, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula - comprising the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) - and Yemen in addition to the Arab countries in North Africa.

UITP has had a presence in the MENA region with members since the mid-1990s and today has the largest network of public transport professionals in the world. UITP recognised the importance of having a permanent office in the MENA region according to the globalisation plan of the association. With the direction of Mr. Hans Rat, former UITP Secretary General, a steering committee was formed in Bahrain, October 2003 and brought together UITP members from the region to form the MENA Division. The MENA Division was then formed in June 2005 at the 56th UITP World Congress in Rome, Italy under the leadership of Mr. Abdulaziz Malik, CEO RTA as Chairman of the first MENA Executive Committee.

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Now, UITP MENA stands strong with its largest number of members ever and featuring a diverse network of public transport professionals, supported by a full-time MENA office and the Roads & Transport Authority as host of UITP’s Regional MENA Congress for the next five terms (2014 to 2022).