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MENA Divission Meeting 

 The primary goal of MENA Divission meeting is to to bring together regional and international members to share knowledge and best practices to support regional public transport achievements. It is held every two years.

The last MENA Divission meeting will be held on 19th Febraury in Jeddah.

MENA Congress


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region has been facing challenges as it continues its rapid growth and development across all sectors.  The transport has been central to these challenges since it impacts all other sectors of the economy.  Moreover, for public transport, poor public perception, heavy automobile dependence, absence of standard policies and regulations, and the lack of private sector capacity to support this rapid development are but a few of these challenges.  Against this backdrop, the numerous MENA region countries have developed ambitious plans to tackle these challenges and effect significant change that will shape the future of the region.

Strategies for tackling these challenges need to be robust and deliver enduring solutions that meet the needs of future visions. MENA Transport Congress is a platform to showcase the achievements of the MENA Region’s public transport development which covers following pillars:

Ø  Knowledge Transfer

Ø  Urban Planning

Ø  Enabling Smart Technologies

Ø  Funding

Ø  Planning and Operational


Ø  Public Awareness


Other Events & Trainings

UITP MENA organises small seminars for individual MENA cities to support their knowledge requirements and share expertise from around the globe. 

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Upcoming activities

05/10/2020 > 07/10/2020
Regional congress & Exhibition
Dubai, United Arab Emirates