Centre for Transport Excellence


Middle East and North Africa Centre for Transport Excellence (MENA CTE) was funded in 2011 as a joint effort between Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). 
MENA CTE aims to create cutting-edge knowledge and develop innovative tools necessary for the development of effective transport policies, strategies and solutions to public and private institutions in the MENA region. It contributes to unifying regional efforts to foster sustainable mobility and enhance the quality of life in all Middle Eastern and North African countries. 
The Centre engages with decision-makers, international organizations and other key stakeholders to promote public transport and mobility solutions. MENA CTE brings people together in order to exchange ideas, find solutions and establish partnerships and networks to support sustainable urban transportation research.
MENA CTE has developed an ambitious and ground breaking research plan focusing on amassing knowledge and data, performing analyses, drafting policy papers and guidance documents supporting MENA countries’ adoption and implementation of sustainable public transport policies and projects. The Centre is currently focusing on urban mobility, transport demand management and regulatory and administrative transport reforms.
The Centre has organized and delivered many trainings and workshops that shed the light on the importance of having an integrated and sustainable public transport systems in the region. Major cities in the MENA region hosted different programs, which are directly related to public transport fundamentals. 


MENA CTE’s vision is to be a pioneer Institution hub - internationally recognized - in the field of urban transportation research and capacity building in the Middle East and North Africa.
MENA CTE aims to create knowledge and develop innovative tools necessary to develop an effective transport policies, strategies and solutions for public and private institutions in the MENA and to foster sustainable mobility which will meet MENA’s specific needs and enhance quality of life in all MENA cities.


  • Consolidate and strengthen transport knowledge in the region
  • Stimulate the exchange of public transport experiences between the MENA region and other regions
  • Develop research on integrated transport policies and solutions in the MENA region
  • Assist MENA countries to acquire successful practices in meeting regional mobility needs
  • Empowering transport professionals through capacity building and training programs
  • Cater for networking and education in the field of sustainable transportation in the region